RECET4Rail will contribute significantly in improving the Traction Drive sub-system of trains.
The results from each workstream will allow to achieve the expected impacts, in accord with Shift2Rail Work Programme.

Workstream 1

These works will contribute to the reduction of the Traction Capital Cost KPIs thanks to the use of AM technology to enhance the power module converters cooling performances and lifetime.

Workstream 2

The target will be to reach at least a 95% transfer efficiency of the proposed DWPT charging solution in all the route. Transfer distances of up to 250mm will be possible.

Workstream 3

The results will provide the system designers with validated lifetime models for SiC devices, such that they can reduce design margins and optimise the systems towards even higher efficiency, compactness, cost and reliability.

Workstream 4

By reducing maintenance costs (-10%) and improving rolling-stock availability (+10%), the results will give a significant boost to the competitiveness of the train industry, which can lead to developing new, more competitive business approaches, leveraging the predictive maintenance capabilities gained.

The target groups identified in the following diagram:

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