RECET4Rail brings together a variety of rail actors in a synergic consortium spread over 8 EU Member states, including:

  • UNIFE, the European Association representing rail industry
  • Three key industrial players (ARAMIS, SAFT and AKKA-AEC)
  • Five well-known universities (BREMEN, ICAM, WARSAW, POLIMI, AALTO)
  • Three independent research institutes (IRT, IKERLAN, RISE)
  • An experienced consulting company ZABALA, with wide expertise in project management both from a financial and administrative perspective


  • ZAB
  • UNB
  • SAF
  • WUT
  • IKE
  • ARA
  • RRI
  • AAL
  • PDM
  • IRT
  • AEC
  • ICA

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